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Se poate atașa un singur fișier. .
Se poate atașa un singur fișier. .
TERRABIT Support Team

Pentru a putea atașa mai mult de două fișiere te rugăm să  deschizi tichetul prin trimiterea unui email la adresa

To respond more promptly to requests, please adhere to the recommendations below:

A request should focus on a single subject and include​: 
1. A clear formulation of the question/problem/request
2. The complete content of the system-generated error (if you received one) in *.txt format, sent using the copy/paste function – NOT a picture or a screenshot for error content!!  
3. A succinct description of the actions that led to the error/situation – to facilitate rapid reproduction of the error/situation
4. OPTIONAL: A screenshot of the situation/result obtained if no error was generated